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Texas Hold'er

2009 Golden Heart Finalist - Contemporary Single Title Category

Four modern, small-town Southern women, each struggling with their own life issues, have each other’s back when it comes to something they can control--finding their perfect mates. TEXAS HOLD’ER is the first book in this series.

JOSIE BENNETT, a by-the-book accountant with an aversion to risk, is thrown into the world of a rising poker star when his elite personal security firm is hired to protect her after an attempt is made on her life. Between well-meaning friends, a poker tournament, and an assailant, Josie’s safe little world is turned upside down, but that doesn’t scare her nearly as much as her feelings for her gorgeous, sexy bodyguard, whose life is all about taking chances.

BLAKE MORGAN, a former military intelligence officer, uses risk to avoid emotional entanglements. Never one to turn down a challenge, he meets his match when he promises to keep an opinionated number cruncher out of harm’s way. The strait-laced attitude of the scantily clad, hot-bodied modern-day woman makes it easier for Blake to maintain a professional relationship--or so he thinks. He soon discovers that while protecting her is easy, keeping her at arms' length is his biggest challenge to date.

My Only Love

A modern day marriage of convenience with a twist.

CASEY ADAMS grew up pleasing everyone but herself. All that changes the day she begins working for Stanton Technology. Under JAKE STANTON’s tutelage, Casey blossoms into a strong, independent businesswoman who’s able to finally let go of her past mistakes, including her marriage to an abusive, cheating ex-husband. Falling in love again certainly isn’t high on her To Do list, but when Jake gets into trouble, she’ll do whatever it takes to save him--including marrying him to keep him out of jail. When more secrets about her new husband are revealed, however, she discovers that her sham marriage is the least of her worries.

JAKE STANTON is a self-made millionaire and a powerful presence in the oil industry. When he hires Casey Adams, he doesn't plan to involve her in his personal vendetta against Wheaton Oil. The morning after she witnesses a violent encounter between him and Thomas Wheaton, his adversary is found murdered. Unwilling to cooperate with the cops, Jake becomes their prime suspect, but he’s the only one who knows the dangerous circumstances surrounding the murder and about the threat on Casey’s life. A marriage arranged by his attorney is the best way for Jake to protect her, but it’s also the hardest thing he’s ever done because he knows that when the truth comes out, he’ll lose her forever.